Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing

Brad Blanks works with media partners and sponsors in a number of different ways. We label our content so my audience understands how our partners were involved in the content’s creation.

Content Created With

“Created with” is used to describe Brad Blanks content that has been created with funding from an advertiser and produced in conjunction with Brad Blanks.

Advertisers may be involved in creating this content by placing their products into the content, collaborating on topics & themes before the content is produced or in select other ways.

In all instances of “Created With” Brad Blanks has final say over the content and is not obligated to incorporate feedback from the advertiser.

Partner Content

Partner Content is paid for by an advertiser and the advertiser provides creative direction and feedback.

Supported by

Supported by is used to describe editorially independent Brad Blanks content that is supported by a client’s advertising spend and produced by Brad Blanks.

From our Advertiser / Advertisement

“From our advertiser” or “advertisement” is used to describe content that is created and controlled by an advertising partner.

Content Creation

I love to write, produce and shoot my very own content from interviews, documentaries, events, sports, & more.


I often get asked to MC black-tie events for AT&T Wireless, Budweiser and such, and it pleases me greatly to use my humble podium to promote the good work of the American Cancer Society, the Make-a-Wish foundation and others.


I have nearly two decades of New York Radio experience and can reach an audience of more than 7 million listeners.